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About Us

Bruce Cabinet was established in 1965 with quality and service in mind. Since then we have strived to expand on those goals by including quality Custom and stock cabinetry at affordable prices. There is a full service Wood working shop on premise to serve you better. We are proud to have Numerous citations from professional organizations such as the National Kitchen and Bath Association. In our designs we feel it is important that Customers have an opportunity to see as many choices as possible. The Bottom line is we like to see quality in every aspect of our work. Family Owned since we opened our doors, few companies have been in the business as long as we have.

By Gloria Schetty-Plante

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Bruce Alber (left) Bruce John Alber (Right)

For Bruce Alber, owner of Bruce Cabinet, 350 A Woodbine Avenue in Northport, and quality in every aspect of his cabinet work is his goal. “I have been in business for 27 years, 15 of them in Northport,” said Mr. Alber, “and I find that my customers request and enjoy top quality in the products we sell and the workmanship we do.” Mr. Alber manufactures cabinets for kitchens and baths, does custom furniture work such as library bookcases and entertainment centers, provides cabinet work in boats and yachts and does commercial installations. He also offers ready-made cabinet lines such as Merillat and custom lines like Kountry kraft and also various European style cabinets for kitchens and baths.

“With the flush doors and full frames of the European-style cabinets,” said Mr. Alber, “we open up to the homeowner a unique opportunity for later-day changes in styling. The doors on the cabinets can be styled in a wide variety of designs, allowing a totally different look in kitchen.” Mr. Alber has available for his clients an album of past installations he has done. The photographs in the album also provide him with a historical record of his years in the business.

“Each jobs is individually designed,” said Mr. Alber, “so it is important that customers have an opportunity to see as many choices as possible.” “Clients no longer have time to clean and maintain kitchen cabinets,” Mr. Alber noted, when describing the types of cabinets he installs in the 1990s. “Ease of maintenance is the request I receive most often,” he said, “and that is why Formica cabinets have become so popular.” But he also pointed out that 60 percent of his clients are now selecting wood cabinets. “With the new high-tech European polyester finishes, white painted cabinets and stained ones are coming back into favor.”

He also finds an increasing number of Long Island homeowners are ready to make over their kitchens. “Even though the economy is not great and people aren’t spending money on big-ticket items, they are tired of their houses looking bad; they are eager to have a new look in their kitchens and bathrooms. But it is never a good idea to throw good workmanship away. So if it is possible, we help customers to work with the basic cabinets they have and provide ideas for new doors and tops.” However, the vast majority of the work he does is complete renovation. “Products have changed so much in the last 20 years and there is so much more to choose from,” Mr. Alber said, citing the changes in countertop materials. “Almost 40 percent of my clients are now selecting Corian, but solid granite is moving up past the 20 percent range. Only about 30 percent of my installations are done in Formica, and the rest are ceramic tile. This is certainly a marked difference from even 10 years ago. The choices of color and pattern have also increased considerably in Corian and similar substances.”

At the showroom in Northport, Mr. Alber has several installations of kitchens as well as the vast choice of cabinet styling and finishes and countertop materials. Mr. Alber’s son Bruce works with him, managing the construction jobs at the Northport shop. Both men have numerous citations from professional organizations such as the National Kitchen and Bath Association. “We keep going to school because our firm lives up to professional standards. And it also offers a guarantee to our customers that we will continue to be around for many years,” said Mr. Alber.

The younger Mr. Alber and his family live in Commack, where the youngest Bruce, age 2, is waiting to join his grandfather and father in the cabinet business. Mr. Alber and his wife, Eileen, live in Seaford, where they are redoing an older home. “Minimal maintenance is my motto for this house,” said Mr. Alber

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